Grisu in Uhsuaia the end of the world

The end of the world

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We crossed the border with Argentina without any problems after the weather didn’t allow us to reach the Villarrica summit in Chile. In Argentina there was still a massive distance ahead of us, before we would reach the end of the world. Between us and Tierra del Fuego there was one of the more interesting parts of our trip, Patagonia. One of the least populated areas on the planet. Chapelco The first stop was in San Martin de Los Andes. […]

Chilean snow down south

Chilean snow down south

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It was clearly not a season with an abundance of snow, which was one of the (other) struggles we had faced for the winter. The mountains around Santiago host some of the northern (commercial) ski fields of the Andes. All these places were lacking snow this year, but the Andes had a good snow year overall. Most Chilean snow fell further down south, so that’s where we were heading. Following the main highway down south, we visited some of the […]

Merica, two guys and two vans


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The winter was over in Silverstar, Clara had flown home for a week or two and the snow melted so fast you could see the difference from run to run, and when I landed on a patch of dirt on one of the jump landings I called it quits.. I started driving down south. South.. were many things changed, weirdly.. water started freezing at 32 degrees, Layla weighed 20 pounds and I became 5″6 tall (or short).. Grisu did 15.5mpg, […]