Some Frequently Asked Questions. Here you’ll find questions people regularly ask about content on Grisu Adventures, together with their answers.

What is “Google Fi”?
Internet on the road, one sim card for all the countries you’re visiting, not roaming costs. Get $20 off with our referral link and support us.

What about “Overland Title and Vehicle Services”?
When you want to start you own epic journey on the Pan American Highway, give Alex Smith from Overland Title and Vehicle Services a shout when you’ve got any questions in regards to buying and registering your vehicle.

What about Guidiary.com?
Grisu had a life before us, with Konstantin and Janneke from Guidiary.com, check it out!

What are helpers?
Helpers are locals who want to help you to cross the border for a fee. Their approaches are different, sometimes kind, but mostly aggressive or misleading (trying to present themselves as an official with authority). Some travellers have reported being ripped off after being so foolish to hand over important paperwork.

What is a TIP?
TIP stands for „Temporary Import Permit“, basically the piece of paper allowing your (foreign plated) vehicle in the country. A car visa.

What is a VIN?
VIN stands for „Vehicle Identification Number“, which is imprinted in the chassis (usually under the bonnet) and is a identification number that (unlike license plates) can’t be changed. This is the thing that counts for the paperwork.

What are your rules on border crossings?
Rule 1; Only talk to people with uniforms and identification. Rule 2; Only hand paperwork to people inside or with a booth not more than a few steps away.

If you have more questions for Grisu Adventures, please ask, and we’ll provide the answers.