travelling through central america

Central America

After we made it to Panama, from where ship to Colombia, time to review. Due to time restrictions, and regulations around pets (Layla), we haven’t been to Belize and El Salvador. In the other countries we stayed 4-5 days each. Travelling through Mexico and Central America was great, where sometimes our expectations were met, but not always. We were most excited about… Guatemala. Definitely our highlight for sure! Here our surroundings became green and mountainous again. We found a nice […]

Grisu parked up for some Nicaraguan action

Nicaraguan action

It was late in the afternoon, the sun was about to go down, as we drove through Granada near Lake Nicaragua. We were kinda in a hurry as we wanted to take a quick swim in the lake before nightfall. On iOverlander we had found a spot near the water, a spot with private security at the highest level, right next to a military base. We had no clue what kind off Nicaraguan action we were up to for that […]