Bargaining for petrol in Bolivia

Bargaining for Petrol in Bolivia

Equipped with some new parts we left Cusco and headed for the Bolivian border. It was sad to leave Peru, which we had enjoyed more than any of the other countries so far. Our main “objective” in Bolivia was Salar de Uyuni, but to get there we needed petrol. Filling up for foreigners in Bolivia is hard though. We were bargaining for petrol every time in Bolivia, and that was the main “challenge”. Especially because the locals working at the […]

the challenging trail to the Choquequirao ruins


After parking up we packed our stuff for the trip. Everything fitted in one bigger and one smaller backpack. This included two sleeping bags, a small budget tent, a few litres of water and food for us and Layla. We set an early alarm and after a rather large breakfast we took off for the challenging trail to the Choquequirao ruins as the sun rose over the mountains. The hike basically consists of 3 different parts. From the trailhead it’s […]

How wild camping safety is counter intuitive

How freedom camping safety is counter intuitive

It’s considered unsafe and dangerous in many places or countries, since at night is when things happen that you don’t want to happen. The night still is to many of us, scary. Fear results in more subconscious based decisions, but the secret of freedom camping safety lies in something very counter-intuitive for many people. This won’t apply to people camping in safe areas in generally safe countries, in a National Park in Canada for example. This is about camping in […]

paperwork bureaucracy and a patience test to collect my vehicle in colombia after shipping

Paperwork, bureaucracy and a patience test

After a lot of back and forth about the shipping options we agreed with Einmalrundum to book the flat rack. We confirmed with the agent (Tea) that we’d been in contact with and we received the instructions on how to proceed. It was a relief having made a decision, but we weren’t completely confident, knowing some horror-stories from fellow overlanders. Not that we would have had many other options, since almost every company or agent we contacted didn’t respond (sufficiently). […]

Goog Fi - Every travellers best friend

Every travellers best friend – Google Fi

We’re on the road, travelling through many different countries, and in some of the smaller ones in Central America we (unfortunately) don’t spend so much time. Plus, we’re addicted, like the majority of the earth’s population these days; We want to be online. Not for harassing political statements on Twitter, but basically for everything else. Problem? No. We’ve got every travellers best friend to help us out. A few years back Google started a project, Project Fi, and in November […]