Alwin on the Argentinian coast watching birds overlanding holiday

Overlanding holiday

Since the road had come to an end there was no other option but to turn around and head back north. This time we followed the east coast of Argentina as soon as we left the island of Tierra del Fuego. Probably partly because of the news* we received in Ushuaia and probably because we felt like we had “accomplished” a goal, we travelled much slower. The trip had never been an holiday, which is the way we wanted it, […]

vanlife on the parking at 2800m altitude in El Colorado, Chile

Vanlife on the parking at 2800m altitude in Chile

After our adventure at the border with Chile we had a few more days ahead of us before we would reach our destination near Santiago. We spend those days mostly driving through the Chilean desert before we climbed the long way up to El Colorado and started our vanlife at the resort parking at 2800m. We had two attempts to rescue dogs. The first attempt wasn’t very successful with a young adult female dog but the second time it was […]

the challenging trail to the Choquequirao ruins


After parking up we packed our stuff for the trip. Everything fitted in one bigger and one smaller backpack. This included two sleeping bags, a small budget tent, a few litres of water and food for us and Layla. We set an early alarm and after a rather large breakfast we took off for the challenging trail to the Choquequirao ruins as the sun rose over the mountains. The hike basically consists of 3 different parts. From the trailhead it’s […]

How wild camping safety is counter intuitive

How freedom camping safety is counter intuitive

It’s considered unsafe and dangerous in many places or countries, since at night is when things happen that you don’t want to happen. The night still is to many of us, scary. Fear results in more subconscious based decisions, but the secret of freedom camping safety lies in something very counter-intuitive for many people. This won’t apply to people camping in safe areas in generally safe countries, in a National Park in Canada for example. This is about camping in […]

travelling through central america

Central America

After we made it to Panama, from where ship to Colombia, time to review. Due to time restrictions, and regulations around pets (Layla), we haven’t been to Belize and El Salvador. In the other countries we stayed 4-5 days each. Travelling through Mexico and Central America was great, where sometimes our expectations were met, but not always. We were most excited about… Guatemala. Definitely our highlight for sure! Here our surroundings became green and mountainous again. We found a nice […]

Grisu parked up for some Nicaraguan action

Nicaraguan action

It was late in the afternoon, the sun was about to go down, as we drove through Granada near Lake Nicaragua. We were kinda in a hurry as we wanted to take a quick swim in the lake before nightfall. On iOverlander we had found a spot near the water, a spot with private security at the highest level, right next to a military base. We had no clue what kind off Nicaraguan action we were up to for that […]