Snow industry struggles

Snow industry struggles

Our life as instructors isn’t always bright and sunny, unfortunately the snow industry is full of struggles. It’s seasonal life and depending on life choices you need to “fight” for another job every half a year again. Luckily with our qualifications and experience, being the tip of the iceberg worldwide, this is relatively easy. But still things can be hard, companies don’t always value seasonal employees as much as full-time year-round employees. Canada Two years ago Alwin had a poor […]

colombian overlanding down days

Overlanding Down Days

When we finally had Grisu back on the road again, we should have been happy. We were, but it also turned out to be a little be a down time. We felt a lot of precious time was wasted and within a few days some sad messages arrived from across the Atlantic. The “anger” of the process of shipping hadn’t been gone by retrieving our vehicle back, unfortunately. So these were definitely our overlanding down days of the trip so […]

Goog Fi - Every travellers best friend

Every travellers best friend – Google Fi

We’re on the road, travelling through many different countries, and in some of the smaller ones in Central America we (unfortunately) don’t spend so much time. Plus, we’re addicted, like the majority of the earth’s population these days; We want to be online. Not for harassing political statements on Twitter, but basically for everything else. Problem? No. We’ve got every travellers best friend to help us out. A few years back Google started a project, Project Fi, and in November […]

Grisu our Mercedes van in the Canadian snow

Grisu – Our Mercedes van

Introducing Grisu, who is a Mercedes van, but a rather special unit. He left the Mercedes factory in 1991 as a regular Mercedes T1 310, but has straight away been converted into a 4×4 by an Austrian company called Oberaigner. Back in the day, this was done on customer request, mainly for firetrucks and ambulances in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. In each of those countries, there was one company cooperating with Mercedes to converted the brand new rwd vans to […]

Our little family two people and a dog

Who are we? Our little family!

Hi guys, we’d like to introduce ourselves to you. Our little family is 4 strong, and together we’ve got 8 legs and 4 wheels 😉 Clara our chef, Alwin our driver, Layla our dog, and Grisu our firetruck-camper! For the last so many years, we have been full time snowsports instructors, making a living primarily of instructing skiing and snowboarding. Spending the winters on the southern hemisphere in exchange of summer. Apart from one winter in Australia, Queenstown in New […]