Honduran games entry stamp

Honduran games

After a few great days in Guatemala we were heading for Honduras. Crossing this border we had a slightly different approach to the Guatemalan border with Mexico where we were crossing early in the morning and wanted to beat the heat. We failed hard and this resulted in being toasted and wasting half a day. We wanted to cross the Honduran border after sunset, when things cool down and when you don’t miss out on anything else. Ready to play […]

Goog Fi - Every travellers best friend

Every travellers best friend – Google Fi

We’re on the road, travelling through many different countries, and in some of the smaller ones in Central America we (unfortunately) don’t spend so much time. Plus, we’re addicted, like the majority of the earth’s population these days; We want to be online. Not for harassing political statements on Twitter, but basically for everything else. Problem? No. We’ve got every travellers best friend to help us out. A few years back Google started a project, Project Fi, and in November […]

Why roadside camping in Guatemala is much safer than sleeping in your own bed at home

Why roadside camping in Guatemala is much safer than sleeping in your own bed at home

We entered Mexico never thinking it would be unsafe, but everybody suffers from stereotypes and the subconscious mind sometimes fools the conscious mind. So lets say, we were cautious about safety. As we went along and had great experiences we realised there wasn’t a reason to not feel safe at all.. and then we entered Guatemala where this got taken to a whole new level and were much safer. Usually we do freedom camping or roadside camping, hence we’re staying […]

A few things the Canadians could learn from the Mexicans

A few things the Canadians could learn from the Mexicans

A few things which work better for America’s southern neighbour than for its northern neighbour and the Canadians should learn from the Mexicans. Trucks are all loaded in Mexico, whether it’s with cargo, horses or entire families, everything is moved around in the back of a truck and no space is wasted. Whereas in Canada they drive around empty and useless. Over a two year time span, I’ve made many attempts in many different ways to communicate with Canadian immigration, […]

What the Western World has to learn from Mexico

What the Western World has to learn from Mexico

After a very long stretch of road works going very slowly over very bumpy terrain, we crossed a bridge from which we could see you could get to the water underneath. After the bridge we turned off the main road and drove back on a dirt road passing a property with lots of people, we parked up near the water and had Layla get her toes wet. We had no idea at this time, that we were about the experience […]

Illegally in Mexico

Illegally in Mexico

The moment we crossed the border with Mexico it felt like the journey had finally really begun. At first, the border was hard to find, mainly due to the overly complicated and badly signposted junction in Texas. But we managed to find the border, doing at first what everybody tells you not to do, driving through Mexico after dark, but we had no choice. We were asked what we were carrying and where we were going, but no passports no […]

Merica, two guys and two vans


The winter was over in Silverstar, Clara had flown home for a week or two and the snow melted so fast you could see the difference from run to run, and when I landed on a patch of dirt on one of the jump landings I called it quits.. I started driving down south. South.. were many things changed, weirdly.. water started freezing at 32 degrees, Layla weighed 20 pounds and I became 5″6 tall (or short).. Grisu did 15.5mpg, […]

Grisu our Mercedes van in the Canadian snow

Grisu – Our Mercedes van

Introducing Grisu, who is a Mercedes van, but a rather special unit. He left the Mercedes factory in 1991 as a regular Mercedes T1 310, but has straight away been converted into a 4×4 by an Austrian company called Oberaigner. Back in the day, this was done on customer request, mainly for firetrucks and ambulances in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. In each of those countries, there was one company cooperating with Mercedes to converted the brand new rwd vans to […]

Our little family two people and a dog

Who are we? Our little family!

Hi guys, we’d like to introduce ourselves to you. Our little family is 4 strong, and together we’ve got 8 legs and 4 wheels 😉 Clara our chef, Alwin our driver, Layla our dog, and Grisu our firetruck-camper! For the last so many years, we have been full time snowsports instructors, making a living primarily of instructing skiing and snowboarding. Spending the winters on the southern hemisphere in exchange of summer. Apart from one winter in Australia, Queenstown in New […]