Nicaraguan action

Grisu parked up for some Nicaraguan action

It was late in the afternoon, the sun was about to go down, as we drove through Granada near Lake Nicaragua. We were kinda in a hurry as we wanted to take a quick swim in the lake before nightfall. On iOverlander we had found a spot near the water, a spot with private security at the highest level, right next to a military base. We had no clue what kind off Nicaraguan action we were up to for that night.

There was plenty of room right across their entrance gate, with some soldiers guarding 24/7. We parked, and asked if it was ok to stay there. They said it was no problem, but asked us to relocate Grisu slightly so they could see us better. We parked up half under a tree, and half under a street light. It felt safe as we went to the lake for a quick swim and into town for a stroll and some treats. As we got back, there was music playing in a bar also near the lake which we could hear quite clear but other than that it was all very quiet.. until..

We woke up with Layla barking, as loud as never before.. and through her barking we heard voices behind the van, screaming and yelling. As we tried to calm Layla down we realised how close the voices were, like maybe 1-2 meters.. They where too chaotic, and our Spanish was not good enough, to understand what was going on. What we understood though, it that something was not alright..

Clara managed to calm Layla down, and Alwin crawled forward to see what was happening. From behind the curtains dividing the front seats with the back the mirrors showed some of the Nicaraguan action, it was hard to see what happened exactly, but the light under which we parked revealed some..

There were more than just a few men behind our van, at least one person was on the ground and it seemed like he was kicked by one of the others as a motorbike showed up with two people with automatic weapons. As they went straight for whoever was behind our van, it started to become clear that we weren’t involved in the story at all.

Shortly after, two handcuffed guys were brought forward onto the street by several police officers as they were approached by a small group of civilians who came from where the music had come from. The handcoffed guys were taken away as some other officers went off with the civilians in a different direction.. and all way quiet again.

It could have been a weird dream of nightmare for a young boy, but it kept us awake that night for real. In the morning, we said good morning to the military guards and went for a swim again…


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  1. By the way: I very much like the way you write your blogs. They read like little stories.

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