Every travellers best friend – Google Fi

Goog Fi - Every travellers best friend

We’re on the road, travelling through many different countries, and in some of the smaller ones in Central America we (unfortunately) don’t spend so much time. Plus, we’re addicted, like the majority of the earth’s population these days; We want to be online. Not for harassing political statements on Twitter, but basically for everything else. Problem? No. We’ve got every travellers best friend to help us out.

A few years back Google started a project, Project Fi, and in November 2018 this outgrew the beta state and became Google Fi. It basically is thé tool to stay in touch for everybody who is travelling a lot. I’m actually using it as I’m writing this, right here right now.

What Google does is pretty easy, at least it’s easily said; It removes borders. You pay the same rate as you cross the border, in a 170 different countries. So instead of getting a local SIM card in every country you visit, or paying extraordinary roaming costs, you keep the same SIM card (and phone number) and you pay the same rates.

Expensive you say? Well I don’t think so; It’s a $20 base rate and $10 for every GB of data you use (paid per 10MB) up to 6GB and after that it’s free. Yes, free. Data usage is unlimited, there’s a limit in what you can pay, not how much you can use. After having used 6GB of data ($60) you don’t pay anything extra that month, something called “Bill Protection”.

So, basically for $80 per month you get unlimited internet in a 170 different countries, and you can make phone calls and send/receive text too. Pretty decent if you ask me, and to make it ever better, by using the link in this article you even get $20 off (and you even help us with a $20 discount on our next bill too) and you’ve got a new best friend, every travellers best friend.


2 thoughts on “Every travellers best friend – Google Fi

  1. Hey Douglas, of course. Happy you like it!
    We’ve used it from Canada all the way down to Chile. Coverage is good, we’ve had no signal in remote areas but that’s to be expected I think. Some countries don’t have an LTE network available for Fi so 3G is the fastest, I don’t know if this is because they don’t have it or because of Google’s contracts. Most countries run on LTE though.
    They state indeed it slows down after 15GB, but this wasn’t noticeable for us.

  2. Can you please give more details on your actual experience? What countries have you used it on? How’s the coverage/speed? I understand that after using 15GB they slowed you down, have you experience this?
    Thanks in advance, I just found your blog, and I’m enjoying it.

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