What the Western World has to learn from Mexico

What the Western World has to learn from Mexico

After a very long stretch of road works going very slowly over very bumpy terrain, we crossed a bridge from which we could see you could get to the water underneath. After the bridge we turned off the main road and drove back on a dirt road passing a property with lots of people, we parked up near the water and had Layla get her toes wet. We had no idea at this time, that we were about the experience what the Western World has to learn from Mexico.

It didn’t take more than a few minutes before one of the people approached us, asking the usual who we were and where we were from. Although his English wasn’t the greatest, and our Spanish was basically still as minimalistic as the day before, he invited us for beer and BBQ. Happily surprised he introduced us to at least 30 people, before we got taken to the BBQ. When I asked if the property belonged to him, the answer was: “Yes it is, and tonight it’s yours!” The level of hospitality was unreal, even more since we had a hard time communicating in full sentences, but a great lesson in Spanish for us.

The occasion was his parents birthdays, which they had on the exact same day, and they celebrated with the entire family. We gratulated his parents, who hardly understood what was happening. As we got shown around the property darkness fell. Everybody started packing up and heading home since there was no house on the property and nobody was living there. We got asked if we wanted to stay?

We gratefully accepted the offer, we reparked Grisu within the fence area and went to bed still a bit overwhelmed. Many people have expressed their concerns about our travel plans, it would be unsafe and dangerous. But this night this Mexican family showed a level of hospitality and generosity unheard off from all these exact same people.

In addition to this, we drive with American license plates, so people’s first impression is logically that we’re Americans until they approach us. Now there’s nothing wrong with Americans, but America as a country and one American in particular isn’t very hospitable and generous towards Mexicans.. But that doesn’t change their attitude the other way around..

But not only in the American people aren’t nice to foreigners, in every European country it’s the exact same story, at least with a certain amount of the population. Political parties with only one goal; Blaming everything on foreigners. And unfortunately, an increasing amount of people supporting them, usually the couch potatoes judging the world through television and other types of media.

This night, the Mexicans showed us that the Western World isn’t as developed as we might think it is, and it showed us what the Western World has to learn from Mexico.


6 thoughts on “What the Western World has to learn from Mexico

  1. Hi Chris, the USA registration plates were super easy. It’s different in every state, but in Washington it is really easy. Also for foreigners.

  2. Thanks for your blogreminder-mail. Very useful. Beautiful story i hope to read more of them.
    Thank God not everybody is like D.T.

  3. I find interesting that you don’t consider Mexico part of the “Western World”. They speak a latin-based language, profess mainly Christian faiths, have a republican 3-independent power political system, and a legal system based on Napoleonic code and Roman legal tradition.

    They are cultural heirs to the Greeks and Romans, even more than they are to the Prehispanic cultures (Maya, Zapoteco, etc). Just like Greece, or southern Italy, they are very hospitable.

    Once I had a similar experience in rural France. So, I think it is not so much about west-not west, but about urban vs. rural and northern vs. mediterranean traditions.

    1. I agree that Mexico is a western country, but it is much more Indian than most western countries.

  4. And this example of The hospitality of the Mexico people is very similar to story after story you hear and experience, especially when you enter Mexico full if wonder and eager to enjoy the lovely, generous, and friendly people you meet there. It is magical.

  5. Like the moral of the story. How did you go about getting on USA registration plates? Was it easy to do?

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