Merica, two guys and two vans

The winter was over in Silverstar, Clara had flown home for a week or two and the snow melted so fast you could see the difference from run to run, and when I landed on a patch of dirt on one of the jump landings I called it quits.. I started driving down south.

South.. were many things changed, weirdly.. water started freezing at 32 degrees, Layla weighed 20 pounds and I became 5″6 tall (or short).. Grisu did 15.5mpg, his speedometer didn’t match the road signs. It’s funny, how you cross a border and still speak the same language, but on many topics you can’t communicate with the local people anymore.. Or maybe it would work better with Twitter.. Haven’t tried that yet. Welcome to (A)Merica.

In the USA there’re many things to see for sure, but I/we dedicated this solely to visiting friends. First stop was Sun Valley (Idaho), to visit my old buddy Ron who I met in Queenstown (New Zealand) in the first season I did there, we lived together and shared one kitchen with roughly 18 others.. #roomsharing. After he came to Austria later that year, told him I’d come to visit him in the States too, which I did.. It only took 5 years but I usually do as I say!

From there I went on to Park City (Utah), to visit Critter who I’ve worked with for 5 years in New Zealand, we rode Park City on closing day and went in the back country with Layla on snow scooters the day after. Epic times, definitely a place to come back to!

From Utah I drove to Denver (Colorado) to pick Clara up from the airport, which was harder than expected. I got stuck in Vail (Colorado) for a few hours due to heavy snowfall and therefore the road being closed. When it finally opened, Grisu had to work hard to get over the pass at almost 3500m but we made it to the airport, where Grisu was completely frozen at his front end. Clara’s flight was the only one not being cancelled, but significantly delayed, but the team was back together again.

The next day, Grisu drove us back over the same pass again, to Aspen (Colorado) to visit Oscar (a.k.a. OsKillah) for some more snowboarding. It was only a short visit, due to Oscar having to leave, in which we also had a Skype interview (more about this later), but also here epic times.

With some more stuff, Clara brought as much as possible from home, we reorganized the storage in Grisu before we hit the road.. south again.. to another border.. Cya Merica, hello Mexico.

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